Anyone for a coffee......scrub?

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Ask me years ago if I thought I'd be taking coffee into the shower with me and using it to scrub my body (ok, not quite literally) I'd have looked slightly perplexed! But using a coffee scrub has slowly become one of my favourite ways to exfoliate. Plus the extra hidden benefits of using a coffee scrub (goodbye cellulite!) make it a no brainer!

As it goes, I'm not a coffee drinker, but I don't dislike the smell and and actually enjoy turning my bathroom into my local Starbucks once a week.

Pure Purpose, a family owned company in Kent, were kind enough to send me two of their coffee scrubs to try - Seaweed & Eucalyptus and Tumeric & Orange. Forumlated with completely natural ingredients and cruelty free, their products have been inspired by travelling the world and seeing how different countries use natural beauty in their cultures.

If you aren't sold already, the scrubs themselves are fantastic. They smell incredible - my favourite is the Seaweed & Eucalyptus one - Eucalyptus is one of my favourite scents anyway, I find it very spa-esque and extremely refreshing and invigorating.

If you are thinking that because it's a coffee scrub it will be coarse and harsh on your skin, think again. These scrubs are fine (not too fine) and leave the skin feeling really smooth and not stripped, meaning you can use them quite regularly - I tend to save this step in my routine for a Sunday evening and go all out with a pamper session, or I will use them ad-hoc in the shower if I'm going to apply some fake tan.

You only need a small amount and because they don’t break or melt down, you can use really sparingly and really spread and move it across your body.

The only downside I feel needs addressing is the cleanup, it does get all over the shower/bath and takes a bit of cleaning up afterwards, but in my opinion, it's worth it. It's worth noting that unlike another brand I have tried, the packaging of the Pure Purpose scrubs is shower/ water friendly, yay! And it can be sealed back up after each use to prevent any accidental spills.

The scrubs are affordable and are available in cute travel sizes too - great if you want to take them away or get one to try! Available here.

I also just want to mention their Instagram page, which isn't just about the products, they share some lovely thought provoking quotes too which I really enjoy.

Have you tried coffee scrubs? What do you think?

Lauren x
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